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I’m so grateful every single day that I get to do what I love with my life. My work allows me to meet amazing people I never would have met otherwise, and share in some small but very significant part of their stories. Each client I meet holds a special place in my heart, each for a special reason. Photography is a deeply ingrained part of my daily life; as natural as sipping my morning coffee. I take joy in meticulously capturing the little things that make up my story and the stories of the people around me. The moment I first show someone their photos and see tears in their eyes, knowing I was able to capture in a photo what’s dearest to their heart? That makes it all worth it.
My goal is to offer you something you wouldn’t get anywhere else, like your own beloved snapshot, captured as beautifully as possible. You get to simply be. I understand that a lot of people feel nervous in front of the camera, at first. My hope is that you’ll forget we’re even doing a photo shoot and just enjoy the moment. I strive to create a spirit of easy spontaneity, making it possible to capture the magic that looks a little different for each individual, each couple, each family.
 I want the photos I take, that you choose to print, to breathe life into your space. My aesthetic is fresh and natural, with an unmistakable relaxed and playful style that comes through a little differently for each client. Like all passionate photographers, I aim to capture not just the moment, but the soul of the moment, not just the look of a person but the irreplaceable character of each person.

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I love getting to know my clients because each family, person, and couple is amazing and special in a million different ways. I can’t wait to meet you and showcase that with my photos. From getting silly dancing with you to your favorite music on senior photo day (and, of course helping you master the magical “hair flip”), to hearing your funny stories as you prepare for a family shoot, I love to create an atmosphere where you can be your true self, so that’s what shows in the pictures. Because, in the end, the beauty is in the soul of the people.
When shooting weddings, I don’t want to miss a thing. This is a day of firsts. I’ll be at your side capturing the little details and the big moments, so the sights, the smells, the music, the tears, even the things that went wrong but turned out making a funny memory, can wash over you each time you look through your photos. When taking senior photos, as a mother I also have the parents in mind. I love that they can forever treasure their incomparable child for this moment frozen in time, for all that they have become, and also all that they will become.  


The heart of my work, and my love for my work, is my love for people. My deepest desire in what I do is to honor and celebrate your stories and your relationships.

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 Curious about me?

My name is Melodie, but feel free to call me Mel. I love my children, Mac, 8, and MaryJayne, 14, more than anything on this planet. They are my inspiration, my joy, and my partners in crime. I never want them to stop pushing for their dreams, so neither will I! My other loves include my giant goldendoodle, Jake, spontaneous dancing, eating around the dinner table, calligraphy, bike rides, picking wildflowers, and taking garage door photos. I’m not too high maintenance – If I get to spend hours antiquing or binge watching Gilmore Girls, color me blissfully happy!

I believe in passionate and creative living. I believe in keeping the best things in the center of our lives and hearts, and that is why I love what I do.

Let’s talk about your photos.