Carly’s Fall Senior Session // Bentonville High School 2017 Senior

Carly’s Fall Senior Session // Bentonville High School 2017 Senior

Happy dag nabbin’ fall, friends!!  I have been one busy lady this month (thank you all!!) so I’ve been a tad behind on the blogging situation, but her I am today, better late and sassy than never and boring! ;)

So Carly and I had a senior session this summer as you may remember if you had been around here before, and just recently we shot her fall session which I am here to show you today…now…right now.

Not RIGHT now, but in a second, unless you’re like me and skip to the good stuff right away. Not that my random babbling isn’t riveting and worth reading, because obviously it is.   Oh, let’s just get to it…

Feast your eyes on the awesome stuff…the photos!


She got that hair flip dooooown!

Carly’s mama: “Carly, tell Melodie how many striped shirts you have…”

Carly: *giggles* “twentyseeeeven?”

A girl after my heart!  I love stripes too, Carly!

Stunning.  You’re so darn gorgeous, Carly!

Thank you for stopping by, and if you’re a senior looking for the most laid back, fun loving, silly time resulting in photos as gorgeous as these HMU! ;) (first time I’ve ever used that and I’m not gonna lie about it, it felt strange…I won’t do it again, but I will leave it this time ;) )


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